3/4 done already!

Tomorrow marks the start of Oct, and that there is only 3 months left of 2012, they say that time flies when you’re having fun… well it has been a full year – fun however, hmm, I have had fun at times, but mostly it has been a year about learning.

I like to review the year as it goes along, check my list of things I still want to achieve, review my goals. So what have I learnt so far, there have been a few major themes this year…

1. It is OK if everything I wanted to happen this year didn’t come to fruition.

This is mainly in relation to my goals of running and working out. I have not run a half marathon of full marathon this year like I wanted to and didn’t end up competing in tough mudder. This is in light of health issues, the major surgery, chronic tonsillitis, and the heart scare… I was quite harsh on myself initially for not getting these complete, but then remembered that all these events have been tough to get through and that takes a strength on a whole other level to get better and continue to function.

2. I need to care more about myself and less about others…

I really did know this before this year, but I am really trying to stop feeling responsible for other people’s feelings and lives. I can’t control any of that – I can only worry about myself… I am trying to care less, not in a bad way – but in a way that is healthier for everyone…

3. Trust my gut more…

We have intuition for a reason, it could have saved me pain and heart ache if i listened earlier – but I did listen in the end…

So for the next 3 months, I will pack in a few more fun things and finish off with a bang – Oh and there is the next surgery, (leg lift) but I know what to expect with that now and am happy to get the legs dealt with!

Enjoy the last quarter of your year…

Lin xox

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