Food Day – Tuesday, Paella Inspired Baked Beans

All ready to be Baked in the Oven!

I love to cook, and in the past have posted pics to FB of the food I have made.

I often get comments from friends wondering where their serve is, or asking for recipes. So I have decided that as part of my blog I will try to share the food I have been making and eating on here, Hence the Food Day – Tuesday! After all what would a blog be without a regular update that includes  a catchy or trite “day” title in it 😉

Today’s recipe is brought to you by the letter “B” – and the left overs that I had in my fridge and cupboard. The “B” is for Baked Beans (not everyones cup of Tea) but these are not the Bean’s means Heinz canned type, these are the tasty home baked variety.

If you are not a fan of beans, maybe you could give them another go, or stop reading now No offence taken!… This recipe was inspired by the fact I am trying to limit my carb intake at the moment, and eat more protein and veg. I had left over roast chicken in the fridge, a chorizo sausage and thought – i can’t have paella because of the rice… Last week I was reading some recipes and Homemade Baked Beans was one… Bamm the two concepts came together in my mind and Paella Inspired Baked Beans was born!

Ingredients                                                                                                                            1 Brown Onion,cut in half then sliced                                                                                   1 Chorizo Sausage (smoked avail from supermarket deli), take off the skin and cut lengthways into half and then lengthwise again into long strips, i then chop into cubes.    1/2 Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper), sliced into small lengths                                        100gm Cooken Chicken (I used a BBQ chicken breast), chopped into cubes                  1 Clove Garlic, minced I used a garlic press, but your could chop finely.                           2 x Canned Cannelli Beans (Approx 420gm each) drained and rinsed.                            1 x Tblspn Tomato Paste, if you dont have any use tomato sause.                                     1 x Can of Chopped Tomoates (420gm)                                                                             1 x Can Water. (Approx 420ml)                                                                                             2 x Tblspn Worcestershire Sause.

Method ;                                                                                                                                  Put your oven on to warm up at 150c, Place a little olive oil or spray into a fry pan, heat and then add the Chorizo, fry this until it starts to sizzle and release the fat and paprika flavour into the pan, this will not take long, and shake the pan a little to move the sausage and stop it burning.                                                                                                                    Next add onion and stir to soak up the flavour from the chorizo, the onion will start to caramelise and then add capsicum to the pan, it will absorb the favour and begin to caramelise too. The onions and capsicum will soften and begin to break down.                  Next add my chicken stir, add garlic next (I find if you add it earlier it can burn and gives a bitter flavour) stir it through, next add the tomato paste, stir together.                                Now add the beans to the mix. Stir and cook for a minute then add the tinned tomatoes, water and Worcestershire sauce.                                                                                             I cook for a few more minutes in the frying pan to bring it all together, check the seasoning of the sauce and add a little salt or more worcertershire to your taste.

You could eat it now if you don’t have time and skip the oven stage,(add only 1/2 the water if you do this) but baking them give you a lovely flavour as the baking breaks down the beans a little and they have a creamy texture inside.

Transfer it to a oven bake dish, cook uncovered for 1 hr  on 150c. Serve with a squeeze of lemon for a little extra flavour!

Well my oven just chimed and they are ready now so, Bon Appetite

Lin xox

1 thought on “Food Day – Tuesday, Paella Inspired Baked Beans

  1. That looks so yum! I love baked beans (posted a recipe myself recently), and these look great. I might have to have a go at these. I love new recipes, looking forward to some new ones in the future.

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