Long time coming

I am at a cross roads with this blog… I have not posted since February. In many way my life have drastically changed since I started posting here. I have started a new job teaching this year, I have had a dramatic learning curve, most of my spare time is spent thinking about my teaching practice and how to become an educator that excels in all aspects of her profession. I know that all teachers say this, but the hours are long, there is no off switch when you get home, and there is always something to prepare, read, do… I was reading my blog by line when I logged in today – “Living each day after reclaiming it from obesity” – part of that I think is really about moving on from this type of blogging as well.

Honestly I am always going to struggle with my weight, food, exercise – but in a western culture, where food is abundant and much of our devices are designed to make life easier – I think most of us do!

The time for the style of this blog focusing on reclaiming my life from obesity is over, this doesn’t mean I wont blog on exercise, food or weight loss… I just want to make sure that my byline and blog is a reflection of what I am learning and living each day. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean that it will all be about education and teaching! I do actually have interests outside of work…

But I think that this blog will expand to include some of my other interests, become about Living, Inspiring and Nurturing all aspects of my mind, body and spirit. It has focused long enough on the body or physical… I hope that doing this will also reignite my desire to write and share again.

Till next time

Lin x


I am not a mum to my own children. I have been a foster carer in a past life, and that gave me an incredible insight into parenting at some levels. It is the hardest job in the world being a parent. It means that your life is not just about you anymore, and that you are responsible for another human being.

I remember calling my mum after my first week as a single parent foster carer of 3 teenagers; I thanked her for putting up with all my teenage angst, and told her how I didn’t know how she did it…She told me it was OK, that she loved me, and encouraged me not to give up, that I was doing OK… She laughed when I told her all her sayings that I had used in that week and always swore I would never say to my kids.

I also felt ashamed for some of the hateful things I had said to my mother growing up, names called, anger screamed. Often it was not my mother that I was angry with, but another situation, person or I felt generally sad about my life… I was angry at Mum because she was safe, I knew she would always love me, never reject me; that was something that I never doubted.

Mum was always safe, but it wasn’t until I grew older that we grew closer. I didn’t really understand my mothers strength until I became a woman myself. It wasn’t until I grew up that I saw and understood her love for family, that she would put her own needs and wants aside and solider on in the face of tough times and opposition. It was when I realised this that I finally saw my mothers true beauty and strength.

Neither of my parents are perfect people, we all have our flaws – but I know this.             My Mother is a woman who loves her children, their partners, her grandchildren and extended family with the heart of a lioness combined with a spirit of grace, wisdom and forgiveness.

Not everyone gets a Mother like mine – the work I do is testament to many young people who don’t get a childhood or parents that they need and deserve. My two brothers and I are the lucky ones. Forget about the 70 million dollar Powerball draw – We won the lotto when we got a mum that loves us unconditionally and with passion to see us become the best version of ourselves we can be.

Thanks Mum & Happy Mothers Day,  Love Lin xox

P.S. Remember to tell your Mum what she means to you… and not just on Mothers Day.