2011 – Lin’s Year in Review (with cute graphics)

So I believe that it is very important to take stock of where things are headed. I also think that this shouldn’t only happen once a year, and that periodic reviews throughout the year are important. But since it is the end of the year I was reflecting on all the changes that I have made for the better… and It made me feel happy so I thought that I would share them… Here we go.

Moved 32.4 Km to my new house beside the seaside!

Dropped 4 dress sizes! Losing over 38kg!


Running Stats 463.38km (or 62h 26m 49s) this doesn’t include Step into Life sessions or the walking that I started doing in Mordi before I could run – These are pure run sessions from April this year (can you tell I am proud of this stat!)

Have become a lot fitter and stronger. Dropped down to a Resting heart Rate of 53 BPM



Competed in a lot of 1st Events, 5km, 10km, 14km & 15km (runs) then my First Half Marathon, and First Triathlon.

Started Road cycling too!

Made better food choices and began to find a better balance with this!.



So overall I began to have a better life balance overall, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, relationally etc you get the picture. This came from not just focusing on the weight loss and fitness, but working on my thoughts, feelings and being honest and direct with people around me (sometimes too honest and too direct!) But this is who I am! – Thanks to all my friends (new and old) who have supported me this year, and a big thanks to my family for their unconditional love always.. And thanks for reading and supporting my rants on this site – You guys rock

May we all have a challenging 2012, where we are pushed to grow in ourselves and our own life journeys…  I know that anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy, and the times that seem the toughest almost always bear the best fruit… SO squeeze the fruit of life and drink it up! (if you prefer to ferment it to make some wine first go ahead it can make the tough lessons a little easier to bear!)

Thanks for reading see you next year 😉

Lin xox



The last 12 months have been a whirlwind of change for me. Many friends and family have noted and commented on the physical changes that I have gone through over the past year by losing a lot of weight, but there have also been emotional and spiritual changes that have accompanied these. I was initially hesitant to start a blog about my journey, both past, present and into the future for a number of reasons. The main reason for this was because I don’t want to come across as self promoting, or like I have any answers.

The reason that I decided to share and create this blog?, well it is a way for me to share what is happening, and, I hope that by being honest and opening up that something on here can help someone else – in some small way, at some time.

There were many people’s journey’s that I read online that helped me on my journey, so time to pay it back.

I don’t intend to hold back on this blog about my journey, and I will do my very best to share as honestly as I can, and stay safe in the process.

Please feel free to leave comments, disagree or ask questions.

Lin xox