What a marvellous day today… I woke up at 8am – unheard of for a shift worker, and unlike myself I could not get back to sleep. So remembering that it was the first Saturday of the month (and coincidentally the first day of Spring)  I toddled off to the farmers market up the road to make the most of the glorious blue skies, and get some bread, pesto and delicious tarts… Don’t worry they were lemon tarts so goes towards the fruit count right. 😉

Well after that, and buying some fresh flowers for the house, my house mate Lynn and I (yes same name different spelling) set about planting all our new plants for the balcony. Seemed fitting it being the first day of spring. We had to make another trip to Bunnings Hardware for 2 more bags of soil though…we did add up all the pots litreage and got a bit more but apparently you have to compensate for soil compacting – lesson learnt.

As smart as I am I decided to finish the job in bare feet. And after I (klutz) bashed my foot into a 10kg bag of pebbles, and then the steel rail that holds the air conditioner unit in place, I realised that my feet were the colour of the ace of spades… Not to worry I found the perfect solution, a scrub with the ex-boyfriends toothbrush – cathartic and practical.

When we finished the planting we topped the afternoon with some lovely green tea and the citrus tarts on the balcony (pic above)… Just before heading to work… Bring on Spring!                                                                                                                             ( Ps; Sorry about the quality of the photos, just used the iPhone before work.

Keep Smiling, Lin xox

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