Ubound Fitness (Who Bound, I Bound – Can Ubound?)

Maybe Calvin Harris should have sung "Bound" instead of Bounce, cos this is FUN!

Monday night I stepped out of a Comfort Zone and into the world of following a trainer lead fitness class (akin to an aerobics class) and even with my mad lack of co-ordination I really surprised myself and enjoyed it!

I didn’t just go to any fitness class – It was a UBound Class. A What Class? Well that was my reaction when I first heard the name. Turns out that UBound uses mini trampolines and creates a cardio and toning program over an hour. This worried me a little at the start – because even though I work out, and am fairly fit – I have a serious lack of co-ordination at times and am clumZEEE ! (I have been known to trip over flat ground people)

So despite this, some of my friends back in the eastern burbs have been going to a local class, and I decided that given I was going to be in the area, I would go,,catching up with friends and burning calories at the same time… Win win!

It was Hot on Monday – and It was hotter on the tramp – But the workout (Run by the fabulous Beck) was awesome… There were a few times that I felt that I was not getting all the steps, but my heart rate was crankin, and it was loads of fun. Turns out that the trampoline means there is very little impact, and you work against gravity too! I also learnt that Bounding is different to bouncing – We do not want to bounce people. We want to bound… This means pushing your feet down into the tramp and staying low… Very cool, very intense. If you can’t visualise what I am talking about then check out the You Tube Video. Ubound – Radical Fitness – YouTube.

Overall the session pushed my heart rate to a Max of 195 (very happy with this) and I burnt around 600calories. The abs set was hard core and I am sure it will bring on some DOMS – but then I will know that the workout was worth it… Also only $10 for the hour –  means value for money and I was one happy bounder! If you live near the Bayswater North area and are looking for a workout that will change up your routine, I highly recommend it.  Here is the link to the Open Facebook Group with the details.                                                           U bound at Arrabri Community Centre – Bayswater North

Till Next Time

Lin xox

2 thoughts on “Ubound Fitness (Who Bound, I Bound – Can Ubound?)

  1. Lin! I must have missed this one. I didn’t realise you had written about your UBOUND experience. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the mention in your blog. xo

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