I got up this morning for my first Triathlon… and I remembered that Mordialloc was the first triathlon I came to as a spectator about 4 years ago. Today I competed at Mordi ( I also have the privilege of living here)

I remembered coming down to watch the Tri, being so proud of my friend Julie as she competed; but I also remembered the feelings of shame and embarrassment of being near people that fit and healthy, I was close to my heaviest then.

There has been a lot of work, sweat and a few tears along my journey to today, and this is another moment to be savoured & enjoyed.

I completed a Mini Triathlon today (200m swim, 8km ride and 2km run)- and I enjoyed it… It was hard in the water with a big swell, a few kicks in the head and throwing up salt water… But all good things that I strive for and find satisfaction in are hard to start with.

I loved the ride (except couldn’t get my bike into the highest gears, something wasn’t clicking in) but was able to gain some ground there, and then I ran the 2km (felt that my legs weren’t working properly) but kept at it and enjoyed it.

My parents and a few friends were there to support me, and I competed with a few friends from my personal training group. (Shout out to Lou, Greg and Cam) A big special thanks to Lou for all her hot tips and being kind enough to help me feel at ease about the sport in the lead up.

Overall I am not the woman that I was 4 years ago, but then the aim for all of us is to grow as we live out our lives…

But I am glad that I can remember her, that woman from four years ago, reflect, and then say I was strong enough to change, and I am strong enough to remain fit, healthy & strong everyday.

It is a choice, a choice that I have to keep making Everyday!

Lin. xox

8 thoughts on “Triathlon

    • Thanks Maryanne, it was a really fun event… Still think that I like my sport separate, but would like to do a couple more Tri’s, it is a different type of challenge. I just read your blog update from the half marathon – nice work

    • It was fun Matt, Cold, But very satisfying to have completed it.
      I am sure that the early morning and cold won’t be a barrier for you – you just train when it is warmer and later – and don’t think too much about the actual time or temp of event day 😉
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Hey Lin, thank you for the special mention. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know you a bit better and I hope that continues. Congrats again on completing the first one! x

  2. Lin, I’m so very proud of you and your achievements. I feel privileged to be sharing your journey and look forward to our continued travels down the path of life. Love you lots gorgeous xx

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