Losing Weight

We all know that losing any amount of weight is tough, it is tough to drop that 5kg from your winter hibernation; and it is tough if you are very close to your goal to get the scales to read the “magic” number in your mind. I had a lot more weight to lose than 5kg… A lot! Losing weight and a lot of weight is a bit like a prize fight… It is round and round, not just one round but a whole fight and when you get knocked down, you have to get back up for the next round or your out!

But The point of my blog is not to analyze how I got fat. The point is how I began to reclaim my life, what has worked on the journey (and what hasn’t). My aim is to hopefully share my story and show that there is hope for all of us who have felt hopeless.

The pictures of my birthday party were for me the very last straw. Previously I thought that I had hit rock bottom, but the photos were very difficult to face and began a real soul searching moment where I began to question if I could continue to live in a body that I hated. I was in a very dark place of believing that if I couldn’t change and make long term improvements and at that point I honestly did not want to live anymore.

It was here that I had to swallow my pride (yes surprisingly I still had some left!) and make a decision that I thought showed personal weakness.

I had a personal belief that weight loss surgery (WLS) was admitting that I wasn’t strong enough to change. That somehow by choosing this path I was taking the proverbial “easy way out”.

What I found was it took strength to challenge my past and my ideas about success and failure. It took strength to stand up and say “I can’t do this by myself” and it took strength to keep following my chosen path even when others questioned or mocked my choice.

I am still on the journey, but the time has come for me to share it with the wider community. It was in July 2008  that I had Lap Band Surgery, since that time I have lost over 80kg and still have a bit to go.

Please remember that this blog is about my journey past and present, and is not meant to replace medical consultation or be taken as medical advice.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback, I would love to share your journey too. Just click on the comment ballon at the top

Lin xox.

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